2016 Patient Testimonials, First Part

Here is part 1 of Spine Institute Northwest patient testimonials for 2016. All these patients underwent minimally invasive treatments from Dr. Kamson

Margo Witters: “Everybody here is so friendly”

Margo knew immediately that she was in the right place when she decided to get treated for back pain at Spine Institute Northwest (SINW). The Spokane, WA resident came in for lumbar fusion to address her bad back. Of Doctor Kamson, Margo says, “He was right on top of my treatment.” She remembers the atmosphere at Spine Institute as “giving her a sense of peace” and the general feeling of “the (staff) just wanting to help you.

Before her procedure at SINW, her back was so bad that she was nearly immobile and had to resort to using a walker, or worse – confined to a wheelchair. Today, more than a year after her surgery, Margo is back to her old self before all her back pain began.

Watch Margo’s story in her own words below:

A Decade of Pain-Free Living

Author and financial educator Dwayne Burnell was Doctor Kamson’s patient from 2003. His first treatment got rid of his chronic back and leg pain through decompression and a fusion of his lumbar area. His successful procedure then converted him from being a skeptic to a believer in minimally invasive surgery. The less than stellar treatment options and procedures other traditional doctors gave him, which only alleviated his pain temporarily without completely making it go away, contributed much to his skepticism.
A completely separate back problem once again promoted Dwayne to seek Dr. Kamson’s help 10 years later. His second visit to Spine Institute Northwest was just as fruitful, completely addressing his new back pain and now Dwayne is back to his normal life of enjoying the outdoors and being with his family.
Watch Dwayne’s testimony in the video below:

Computer Programmer Gets Relief After Surgery

Thirty years of bad ergonomics working as a programmer caused tremendous pain for Dave Patten. All the sitting down eventually led to chronic back pain and a terrible burning sensation that extended to his legs.

Before his surgery at Spine Institute Northwest, sometimes Dave would be in so much pain, he would actually be on the ground unable to walk, incapacitated by cramps.
The most mundane and simple tasks became problems for Dave. Actions the rest of us take for granted, such as sitting at a desk or going up the stairs, became impossible.
Coming from a technical background and being a problem solver, Dave did his research on the best way to address his back pain which led him to Doctor Kamson. Dave recalls being impressed by Dr. Kamson’s approach and underwent fusion and stem cell therapy.

The treatment Dave underwent made a lasting difference to his life. Dave gradually got stronger and better after a recovery period and now is able to become more active and pain free.

Watch Dave’s testimony below:

From Virtually Paralyzed to Walking Without Any Pain: Jim Perri

For Jim Perri, a 60-year-old living with sciatica, pain was a constant companion. Jim was experiencing pain that, on a scale of 1 to 10, was definitely greater than a ‘10’. Damage to his L5 disc, coupled with sciatica, left Jim ‘virtually paralyzed’ and unable to do anything except lie on the floor of his house.

Desperate for something that would get his life back, Jim got in touch with Spine Institute Northwest and recalls his first interaction with the staff and Dr. Kamson himself. Jim had the impression that the staff were “genuinely concerned” about his well-being and remembers immediately liking and feeling at ease with Dr. Kamson.

Jim’s pain was so great even on the day of his procedure itself that he could not even walk all the way to the inside of the clinic and had to stop and lie on the stairwell to the building. After the procedure, to Jim’s amazement, he could walk out without any pain at all.

Jim’s pain today is zero. Before his procedure, it was a 12.

Learn more about Jim’s changed life after surgery in his testimonial video.

Herniated Disc Experience: Mary Halabi

Age-related degeneration of our back muscles and spine was definitely not a factor in Mary’s case of back pain. Still in school, you would think that getting a back injury would be unthinkable for someone as young as Mary, but it did. In her case, it wasn’t old age or osteoporosis that was to blame for her back pain, but overexertion.

Mary injured a disc while weight lifting.

Choosing to ignore it at first, and thinking that the pain was simply a pulled muscle worked – at first.

The pain gradually became worse and worse and it eventually meant that Mary could not even sit through class, let alone do any exercises.

Mary had her spine surgery done by Dr. Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest and is now pain free. She tells everyone experiencing some back pain to “have it properly diagnosed” instead of toughing it out and relying on self-diagnosis.

Relief After a Rugged Life

Army veteran Dan Schmalzried has led a very rugged life in his past. In addition to enduring the rigors of being in the service, Dan also “wore his back out” working in trucking, mining, and logging. Each one of these occupations, already a tough test for a person’s back. Doing all four would no doubt not do any favors for even an extremely fit individual.

This is exactly what happened to Dan when he “hit a brick wall” and one day he simply “could not work anymore.”

Dan wanted to avoid traditional open back surgery since that would mean a very long recuperative time and would necessitate the additional challenge of post-operative muscle strengthening.

After searching for an alternative, Dan came across Spine Institute Northwest and Doctor Solomon Kamson’s minimally invasive spine surgery procedures.

Dan’s successful operation went completely against opinions and expectations of traditional doctors who told him that there was no chance of completely being pain-free, no matter what procedure he underwent.

To these naysayers, Dan smiles and says, “I’m out of pain, people.”

Listen to Dan’s complete story in the YouTube video below:

Tim Watts: Suffering from Sciatic Pain No Longer

For the longest time, Tim Watts was dealing with his sciatica the traditional way – by taking muscle relaxants, painkillers, injections, and physical therapy. Before his back injury, Tim had always been active, working on a farm and doing outdoor activities.

Unconvinced by traditional open back surgery, Tim held out on having any surgical treatment before meeting Dr. Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest.

Tim had 2 damaged discs on his back (L4 and L5) that were causing his back pain. A minimally invasive procedure and a spinal decompression eased the pain of his stenosis. Immediately after the procedure Tim recalls, “The tension in his legs completely disappeared right after.” Tim was even able to walk out to have lunch with his parents and wife after leaving the clinic.

“All my pain that I had before the surgery is 100% gone,” says Tim. “Give Doctor Kamson a call, I would recommend this process to anybody,” he continues.

Watch his complete testimonial below.

Michelle Roberts: Don’t Keep Suffering

Arthritis sufferer Michelle Roberts had to deal with extra pain in her neck as a result of a degenerated disc in her cervical spine. Michelle’s pain was so great that even everyday tasks such as fixing her hair or turning head were causing so much pain to her neck. Checking her blind spots while driving was especially problematic for Michelle.
Not wishing to put up with the pain anymore, Michelle got in touch with Dr. Kamson of the Spine Institute Northwest. Doctor Kamson performed a cervical fusion of her C5 and C6 vertebrae.

What struck Michelle after meeting with Doctor Kamson was his confidence, which inspired trust. She remembers the doctor saying, “We’ll fix you right up.”

The expectations of the outcome of her procedure, both Michelle’s and Doctor Kamson’s, were met.

Today, Michelle is in a much better situation. Physically, she is once again able to do all the things she was wasn’t able to do before her surgery.

To people who may be in the same pain she was, Michelle says, “Don’t keep suffering. Don’t stay in pain. Come here because they will help you and fix you.”

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