2016 Testimonials for Doctor Kamson, Part 2

Here is part 2 of Dr. Solomon Kamson’s patient testimonials for his patients who underwent minimally invasive procedures at Spine Institute Northwest in the past year. Click here for part 1.

Jeremiah Dawson – Cervical Fusion for 10-year Chronic Back and Neck Problem

Field training officer Jeremiah Dawson had been living with his chronic pain since 2006. Working around the pain for more than a decade, Jeremiah finally realized the severity of his problem during training with younger police officers. Jeremiah felt sharp pains in his leg as he was going through a routine running exercise.

Recognizing that the pain was becoming a hindrance to his job and to his life at home, Jeremiah sought out treatment from Doctor Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest (SINW).

After Jeremiah ‘s successful operation (a cervical fusion), he says, “Doctor Kamson has a way of putting you at ease, you are able to talk to him and he gives you the answers you need.” “I haven’t regretted one moment,” he explains, thankful that he is finally living his life as he wants to again.

Cameron Reyes – Lumbar Decompression for Back Pain

Cameron, a self-described ‘300 pound meat and potatoes guy’ who was struggling with long term chronic back pain had this to say about his experience at Spine Institute Northwest after undergoing lumbar decompression:

“When Doctor Kamson told me that he could make me better, I wept like a kid”, Cameron says. “I got a fresh start. It’s the closing of a horrible, horrible long chapter in my life,” says Cameron after finally being free of his chronic back pain.”

Randall Huff – Quick Healing after Lumbar Decompression

I came in and talked with Doctor Kamson and told him how bad it was and Doctor sent me to do an MRI, conferring with 2 other doctors to get a 2nd a third opinion, Doctor Kamson explained why Randall needed the surgery

There was no question that he needed the treatment badly in order to continue working. Randall was still skeptical of the outcome, but his fears were unfounded after his successful operation. Says Randall, “I’ve always had some aches and pains, working in construction, for the past 20 years, I do not have any pain right now.”

Kathleen Cowitz-Laski – Walking Immediately After Herniated Disc Surgery

Alaska resident Kathleen Cowitz-Laski remembers her life before treatment at SINW.

“My leg felt like concrete. I couldn’t lift it.”

Operating a house cleaning business, her back pain really hindered her mobility. “My back pain affected it a lot”, she recalls. After her procedure, she says, “I really don’t have any pain at all except when I stand up for long periods of time and it’s really more of an ache.”

“I was real surprised after recovery (about) how soon I could just walk just like nothing had ever happened. My sister and my girlfriend that I had with me – they couldn’t believe that I could just get up and walk without any pain or anything.”

“They brought me a walker to use and I didn’t need it.”

Esteban Castaneda – Treatment for a Pars Defect – Spinal Decompression

Doctors were unsuccessful at dealing with Esteban’s pain. Pain killers like Ibuprofen simply did not work. Esteban calls his procedure at Spine Institute Northwest from Doctor Kamson “a lifesaver.”

Esteban had a pars defect of the spine, a condition most likely he had since birth, which was causing his pain and causing a grating, crackling sound in his back.

Living with pain for so long, Esteban was pleasantly surprised when upon meeting Dr. Solomon Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest, he was told that there was a solution to his problem. The solution for Esteban was a spinal decompression.

Asked about his experience at SINW, after his successful procedure, Esteban says :” It changed my life.”

Melissa Drewery – Sciatica Relief

Melissa’s problem had been dismissed by 5 separate doctors as directly related to her weight. Melissa, who had always been a bit on the heavy side, was experiencing debilitating back pain but all the doctors she spoke with told her to deal with the pain through pain killers and especially by losing weight.

After talking with Dr Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest, Melissa heard something unexpected – that her back pain was being caused by sciatic nerve problems and not exclusively by her weight.

Melissa says this about her experience with Doctor Kamson and SINW: “I know it sounds cliché, but if you are in such pain, come in and see what can happen. In less than a year my life has changed dramatically for the best.”

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