Are Regenerative Stem Cell Treatments For You?

stem cell therapyOne of the fastest growing fields in orthopedic surgery treatments is in the field of regenerative medicine. Adult stem cells, which can very often be taken from a patient’s own body, are not only safe, but they are also continuously being found to have more and more potential when it comes to pain-relieving treatments.

Sol Kamson, MD, is a huge proponent of regenerative medicine. Dr. Kamson cites a recent research study published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. The outcome of the study found that knee surgery patients who received stem cell injections into the meniscus about a week following surgery reported less osteoarthritic pain and no complications from the injections.

Though arthroscopic knee surgery is a common procedure, about 25% of patients do not achieve good results, with many put at an increased risk for osteoarthritis post-surgery. Stem cell regenerative treatment after surgery can present a major step forward in combating these risks and outcomes.

The research study reviewed 55 patients who had undergone arthroscopic knee surgery called partial medial menisectomy. All of the patients were divided into three groups, each of which received a different stem cell injection seven to ten days following surgery.

One group’s injection contained 50 million messenger stem cells. These cells help form connective tissue to regenerate the lost knee tissue. Another group received 150 million messenger stem cells, while a third group received an injection containing no messenger stem cells.

The results showed that, over time, the groups who were treated with the stem cells showed some regeneration of tissue with no complications. The more exciting results showed a dramatic improvement in patients’ reports of osteoarthritic pain relief over those in the control group who did not receive stem cells injections.

Though this was a small study with a limited number of subjects, the resulting data shows that regenerative medicine is both safe and quite effective as related to joint pain.

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