Dr. Solomon Kamson Teaches at Boston BioLife Workshop

 teaching at Boston BioLife

Doctor Solomon Kamson of Spine Institute Northwest of Washington was recently in San Diego, California for the Boston BioLife Hands-On Sessions which are workshops for practitioners and researchers interested in new regenerative medicine techniques.

Dr. Kamson teamed up with Michael Meng, DC,  a musculoskeletal ultrasonographer to demonstrate live patient ultrasound joint imaging and fluoroscopy on a cadaveric workstation.

hands-on training for physiciansDr. Kamson, who specializes in minimally invasive surgical techniques to address chronic pain and issues involving cervical and thoracic spine problems, is an interventional pain specialist, anesthesiologist, and educator who advocates the advantages of non-surgical and minimally invasive surgery for back pain.

Boston BioLife is a Massachusetts-based training company that brings together practicing physicians and researchers to further knowledge in Life Sciences and to foster the exchange of ideas among colleagues through hands-on training. The company emphasizes the need to focus on stem cell therapies and regenerative medicine.

For more information on the event and for inquiries about future hands-on workshops, visits Boston BioLife’s page here.


2016 Testimonials for Doctor Kamson, Part 2

Here is part 2 of Dr. Solomon Kamson’s patient testimonials for his patients who underwent minimally invasive procedures at Spine Institute Northwest in the past year. Click here for part 1.

Jeremiah Dawson – Cervical Fusion for 10-year Chronic Back and Neck Problem

Field training officer Jeremiah Dawson had been living with his chronic pain since 2006. Working around the pain for more than a decade, Jeremiah finally realized the severity of his problem during training with younger police officers. Jeremiah felt sharp pains in his leg as he was going through a routine running exercise.

Recognizing that the pain was becoming a hindrance to his job and to his life at home, Jeremiah sought out treatment from Doctor Kamson at Spine Institute Northwest (SINW).

After Jeremiah ‘s successful operation (a cervical fusion), he says, “Doctor Kamson has a way of putting you at ease, you are able to talk to him and he gives you the answers you need.” “I haven’t regretted one moment,” he explains, thankful that he is finally living his life as he wants to again.

Cameron Reyes – Lumbar Decompression for Back Pain

Cameron, a self-described ‘300 pound meat and potatoes guy’ who was struggling with long term chronic back pain had this to say about his experience at Spine Institute Northwest after undergoing lumbar decompression:

“When Doctor Kamson told me that he could make me better, I wept like a kid”, Cameron says. “I got a fresh start. It’s the closing of a horrible, horrible long chapter in my life,” says Cameron after finally being free of his chronic back pain.”

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