The Latest Procedure Options Available at Spine Institute Northwest (SINW)

pain treatmentDr. Sol Kamson and the surgical team at Spine Institute Northwest place their primary focus on minimally invasive endoscopy guided procedures. Some patients, however, may not qualify for these traditionally non-invasive techniques, leading the SINW to expand their expertise in the field of spine surgery.

If you or a loved one requires pain relief from vertebrae-related conditions, but you’ve been told that traditional minimally invasive endoscopy guided procedures are not recommended in this particular case, it’s good to know that the Spine Institute Northwest literally has your back. We now offer alternative surgeries to treat pain, symptoms of weakness, and other issues affiliated with spinal disease.

One of the latest options to treat pain caused by bulging or ruptured discs in the cervical spine is called Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF). In this instance, Dr. Kamson makes a small incision at the front of the neck. He is then able to remove the damaged disc to decompress the spinal cord and nerve root. A spinal fusion is then performed in order to make the surrounding vertebrae more stable. Next, Dr. Sol Kamson inserts an implant to replace the degenerated or ruptured disc, stabilizing it with a tiny titanium plate, after which regenerative therapy is applied. Regenerative treatment is done during the surgery, using stem cell autografts and allografts to increase healing time and improve fusion rates.

Sometimes a patient will suffer a vertebral compression fracture, often caused by osteoporosis or an acute injury, such as a fall. A minimally invasive procedure, percutaneous vertebroplasty, can be used to stabilize and strengthen the collapsed vertebra. In this case, a small portion of medical-grade acrylic cement is injected into the vertebra using a flexible needle. Sol Kamson can gain access to the entire vertebra with just a tiny incision to deliver the cement directly to the fracture.

An even more recent development in vertebroplasty is now offered at the Spine Institute Northwest to treat deformities of the spine due to vertebrae fracture. VBA, or percutaneous vertebral body augmentation, also called kyphoplasty, uses a balloon type of device to make space in the vertebrae. This space is then filled with a medical grade cement to relieve pain and stabilize the spine. Regional anesthesia coupled with intravenous sedation can be used during this procedure.

These exciting options for minimally invasive treatments to relieve chronic pain brings hope for a new lease on life for those who thought they could not find relief without having to endure open back surgery. Discover if one of these procedures can be helpful to you by calling the Spine Institute Northwest in Bothell, WA today.

Types of Back Surgeries

Back surgery is a common requirement among those who suffer from back conditions. Unfortunately, there is a lack of surgeons available in the state of Alaska. When you require spinal surgery, you will need to travel a long way in order to receive the procedure that you need. Since you must travel, choosing the right doctor for the surgery is crucial. Dr. Solomon Kamson is specialized in providing excellent surgeries and has a wonderful bedside manner. Setting an appointment and traveling to the Spine Institute Northwest’s Seattle location can begin your journey to recovery.

Once you have an accurate diagnosis, your physician will be able to present you with all of your options. Once he has presented you with all of your options, you are able to ask questions and address your concerns. You will be assured that Dr. Kamson will provide you with accurate and truthful information. He is very keen on educating patients about what the next step is to bringing them back to an optimal healthy condition.

Thoracic Back Surgery
Thoracic back surgery in normally suggested to correct significant issues with the thoracic segment of your spine. This is considered to be the mid-back. Usually, thoracic surgery is considered to be the ultimate alternative after additional treatments proved to be failures. The surgeries for this section of your back can be open-back procedures, but the Spine Institute Northwest specializes in endoscopic surgery, which is less invasive.

Lumbar Back Surgery
Unfortunately, the lumbar section of the spine degenerates faster than other parts of the spine. It does require surgery more frequently than other parts. This is due to the range of motion being greater in this section of the spine. Lumbar back surgery is an intervention that is more frequently performed than others.

Cervical Back Surgery
Cervical back surgery is normally suggested when neck pain is not effectively managed with other corrective measures. The cervical surgery is typically seen as an elective procedure. With advances in endoscopic spine surgeries, it is now more popular for managing aggressive cervical back pain.

Preparation and Recovery
When you discover that surgery is the option for you, you will need to prepare yourself not only mentally but physically as well. You and Dr. Kamson will sit down and address any concerns that you may have, and he can answer any questions that arise. In order to prepare physically, you will need to exercise on a regular basis. This will increase your recovery time after the procedure. If you are a smoker, then it is highly suggested that you quit before your surgery. Also, you need to stop taking any nonessential medication, which includes herbal remedies, prior to your procedure. This is due to anesthetics and other medications that can be affected by the chemicals interacting with one another.

Typically after a back surgery, you will endure some pain. It is a major surgery; the doctor will prescribe medications to help with your pain management. However, you may also be required to go through physical therapy. If you do as the doctor requests of you, then your recovery time will be cut dramatically. Going against the doctor’s orders is never a good idea.

If you live in Alaska, then you know that there is a shortage of surgeons available to help you. Check out the Spine Institute Northwest website and learn about your options.